Chronicles of a Trini in the frigid North

About FrozenTrini

Trini (definition): a national of the twin-island state of Trinidad & Tobago, the southernmost isles of the Caribbean, located at approximately 10 and 11 degrees north of the Equator.

FrozenTrini (definition): yours truly – a Trini who is living way too far north of the Equator, and too close to the Arctic Circle, for the current evolutionary capacity of a Caribbean mammalian body to maintain its heat.

Most of my friends and family thought that I’d lost a few marbles, to voluntarily move to Yellowknife. After many requests for news of what’s going on and what it’s like to live in the frozen North, (and some not-so-gentle suggestions to start a blog) I decided to start this blog. It’s partly an account of my experiences and partly a curiosity-satisfier, but mostly to make myself write something, on some kind of schedule. I will post monthly, which means that I will usually be skating in the door at the last hour on the last day of the month.

Update September 2015: I have now turned my attention to other projects, which means that the blog has been relegated to the back burner, as I resist its silent nagging to resume. Translation: I will post when I feel the desire to do so…and when I have the time…and when I feel that I have something to say. That will likely result in sporadic posts, but one day I just might get back into the monthly groove. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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